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Name:Miguel Caballero Rojo
Birthdate:Apr 18
Miguel Caballero Rojo from the Tekken video game series.

Age: 26
Nationality: Spanish
Fighting style: None (Brawling)
Height: 6'5"

Miguel was introduced in Tekken 6, and has returned for all subsequent titles. He was referred to as "Manly Man" before his real name was confirmed.

Appearance: Miguel has shaggy/disheveled/wavy hair, and a very 'scruffy', manly look about him. He walks with a swagger and has an intimidating/unfriendly presence. He's tall, muscular, and has a deep voice. Miguel is fluent in both English and Spanish. His usual clothes are just an open shirt and loose pants, though he also usually wears fingerless gloves and chains around his neck. He's a brawler, but still somewhat stylish.

Story: Nothing much is known of Miguel yet, as he has only been featured in the last two recent Tekken games. He is a rather blood-thirsty and rebellious character, whose reckless nature can be seen as both his weakness and his strength. Miguel is depicted as an undisciplined Spaniard with a very intense passion for fighting, which often brought him into conflict with others. Despite being born in a conservative family, his wild and unruly nature made him the black sheep.

Despite his negative side, Miguel is shown to be capable of love, especially in the case of his sister, whom he grew to trust and treasure. However, his extreme over-protective concern for his sister made him consider killing his future brother-in-law, though he decides against it for the sake of her happiness.

Miguel has also been frequently described as the alpha male in the series due to his big, towering figure and his oppressive aura of anger and power. Most of his customization options feature the theme of manliness, like muscle shirts, unzipped leather coats, and facial hair, and his outfits prominently feature his muscular and chiseled figure. Making use of his brutal strength and raw muscle-power, he brawls his way out of any fight. His self made "style", consisting of no-holds-barred, underhanded techniques such as brutal body checks, vicious headbutts, crushing hay makers and splitting leg swipes; he confuses and disorients opponents with wild, powerful blows.

Headcanon: Miguel is slightly superstitious; believing in things such as ghosts and spirits. Children make him slightly uncomfortable. He's an alcoholic as well, and will frequently drink to the point of blacking out with little-to-no recollection of what happened the night before. He's a bit of an insomniac and mostly a night-owl; preferring to wear sunglasses during the day if it is particularly bright out, since they help in reducing the headaches brought on by his usual hangover. He suffers from reoccurring dreams of his sister's death on a regular basis, (thus the insomnia). Due to his very conservative family, Miguel was raised a strict Catholic, though he never minds conveniently "bending the rules" when it comes to the way he practices. Also, a combination of Miguel's faith, the bad crowds he usually hung out in, and the young age at which he dropped out of school has lead him to be a bit ignorant in regards to a few things- sexuality, for example- so he has a very simplistic view of things such as gender and sexual orientation. Sometimes, he can say things that may be considered crude or insensitive- even when he doesn't mean to. However, despite this very mild homophobia, Miguel is definitely not one to judge the aspects of anyone's particular "lifestyle" as right or wrong, and he knows it. Overall, he honestly doesn't give a damn about what (or who) people do in their personal lives; so while he is somewhat ignorant of the sensitivity regarding these matters, he is not bothered by any of it. Thanks to the past influence of his kind-hearted sister- the only person whom he has ever deeply cared for- Miguel has learned how to cool his temper somewhat and even be somewhat sociable at times, though her recent death has unfortunately caused him to be a much more jaded and angry person as of late. Miguel's sister does not have a name thus far canonly, so I have named her Maria for the sake of my own headcanon. When she was still living, Maria would often visit her brother in secret, and try to help him by bringing food or encouraging him to try and make friends or be nice to people (though this was met with varying success, Miguel has never had anything more than many acquaintances and the occasional one-night stand.) Although he is a relatively simple man, Miguel is by no means a dumb one. He has a very keen sense about people and is usually on alert- even when it appears as though he has his guard down. Having lived on the streets for quite some time, he is very street-smart. Miguel may not always enjoy company, but being homeless in the past has taught him the importance of getting to know just enough people to have them be of use, should he ever need them. Still- he's a definite "lone-wolf", so he interacts best with people who are persistent/unfazed enough to continue interacting with him despite his occasional assholishness.
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